Webinar: Older single women without children – 20 May

‘I’ve heard Lucy Bloom refer to it as the single tax. So, when you are a single income, you have to pay the entire power bill, the entire rates bill, the entire strata bill, for example. Your income doesn’t quite go as far, whether you’re male or female – that’s not gender biased. So, being a single person, you absorb a lot more.’ – Study participant

An exciting panel will discuss recent research by COTA NSW Board member Associate Professor Myra Hamilton and colleagues entitled Security in old age for older single women without children.

The research has revealed that the common belief that single women without children generally have uninterrupted careers and a healthy superannuation balance is a misconception. In fact these women often experience financial hardship. This can be because of the expectation to look after older family members and the difficulty in accumulating wealth and dealing with financial shocks such as unemployment or illness without a partner to share the load.

Speakers will include

  • Associate Professor Hamilton
  • The Hon Dr Kay Patterson, Age Discrimination Commissioner

The webinar will be held on Thursday 20 May.

Watch this space for further details.