COTA NSW’s Information Hubs are part of COTA NSW’s commitment to providing information and guidance to older in their own community. This Place-Based Navigation is designed to provide safe, accessible and independent information for older people.

Signposting: This is delivered by peers that provide a safe and welcoming environment for older people to engage and ask questions. Information is provided that is designed to be general in nature and the peer will navigate the person to a more appropriate source is appropriate.

Information: This is provided by COTA NSW after the person has received information and aided by the COTA NSW peer, believes they require further information and knowledge to take action.

Guidance: Provided by content experts like Financial Planners or Accountants and Solicitors, supporting the person to act.

COTA Pop-up Info Hub

Location: Roselands Shopping Centre, Sydney

The COTA NSW team visited Roselands Shopping Centre to share info, meet people and find out the issues that matter to the older residents of southwest Sydney.
Pictured: Luke Curtis, COTA NSW Research and Engagement Officer at the Roselands Pop-up Hub.

Information Fact Sheets


Guidance is provided by content experts like Financial Planners or Accountants and Solicitors.