The new report by COTA NSW and Challenger, “Experience, Knowledge and Commitment: Valuing Older Workers” reveals that many older workers face age discrimination.

Older workers are not receiving the opportunities provided to younger workers, they are more likely to be made redundant and stigma remains around their competence with technology and openness to change. Older women, working part-time or on a casual basis, are most likely to experience discrimination.

However there is little recognition of age bias within most companies. If this is not addressed, the Australian economy won’t achieve its full potential, and the pressure to support older people will increase as the population ages.

The launch of the report includes a recap of the findings by Keith McGowan of Newgate Research, which undertook the research, and a lively panel discussion about this very important issue.

Chair: Michelle Taylor, Chief Executive, People, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability


Keith McGowan, Newgate Research

Kathryn Greiner, Chair of CRC Longevity (an industry research body) and of the NSW Government’s Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing

Meagan Lawson, CEO of COTA NSW

Richard Howes, Managing Director and CEO of Challenger