Did you know that research has found that exercise of any type has been shown to reduce the risk of falling by 23%?

The Better Balance for Fall Prevention campaign aims to help Australians find appropriate exercise programs to meet your needs and interests. For optimal physical and mental health, it is recommended that all adults (regardless of age, health, or ability) do 30-60 min of physical activity most days.

To mark April Falls Awareness Month, we explore the latest research and information on staying active and preventing falls.


Steven Phu – Falls Prevention Officer, NSW Falls Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network (NSWFPHAN) Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)

Steven is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales and Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA). With over 10 years of experience as an exercise physiologist, Steven’s clinical practice specialises in falls prevention and the management of osteoporosis, sarcopenia and frailty. Steven is also undertaking his PhD at NeuRA where he is implementing a randomised control trial which delivers repeated slip and trip perturbations, aiming to determine whether this program can prevent falls and how it may fit into clinical practice. 

Laraine Dunn – Fitness professional and provider of the ActiveBetterStronger program in the Newcastle/Hunter region

Laraine has been in the Fitness Industry for nearly 40 years and has received some of the highest industry honours in the Australian Fitness Industry Lifetime Achievement Award and Australian Fitness Professional of the Year Laraine worked closely with the Hunter Ageing Alliance to help secure the ActiveStrongerBetter Pilot Program funding from NSW Health Laraine is also an ActiveStrongerBetter Provider, leading community classes across two LGAs, supporting the evaluation of the program and is a key ASB Training Facilitator. 

Alan – Participant in the ActiveBetterStronger pilot program

Alan has been coming to classes several times each week to help with maintaining his strength, mobility, and balance.

More information is available at

NSW Falls Prevention and Healthy Ageing Network (NSWFPHAN)


NSW Health Active and Healthy: Information for older Australians, health professionals, and exercise program providers www.activeandhealthy.nsw.gov.au/

ActiveStrongerBetter, Newcastle and Hunter region exercise program