COTA NSW is the peak organisation for people over 50 in NSW. We’re an independent, consumer-based non-government organisation. We work with politicians, policy makers, service providers and the media to make sure the views of older people are heard and listened to.

COTA NSW/Challenger Research Highlights Age Discrimination in the Workforce

New research into the treatment of older workers by COTA NSW and Challenger shows that many…

Older people and community - COTA NSW

Report Dispels Preconceptions about Older People and Community

New research from COTA NSW has dispelled preconceptions about older people and their relation to…

Older woman with disability - COTA NSW media

New Research – Assumptions Disproved about Older Single Women without Children

COTA NSW Board member Associate Professor Myra Hamilton and her colleagues have just released new…

Monthly webinar series

COTA Watch is a monthly webinar series where we invite experts from all walks of life to talk about a range of topics of interest to our supporters.