COTA Conversations July webinar – Seniorpreneurs

Starting a business is seen as seen as a young person’s game, but more and more people over 50 are taking on the challenge. Belying the stereotype of the older person who just wants to wind down, they are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs.

According to a recent article by SmartCompany, the majority are people who’ve had a change to their employment situation and are at an age where re-employment is difficult due to age discrimination. Others need the income, are simply not ready to retire or want a change to give them a new lease of life.

Often this requires re-training and an update or re-direction of their of digital skills, which can be a challenge at any age. But according to some research, with their life experience and access to capital, ‘seniorpreneurs’ are actually better at building businesses than their younger peers!

So what’s behind this upsurge in business activity by older people? What kind of issues do you need to take into account when you start a business later in life? And what kind of effect can it have on your life?

The July COTA NSW webinar looks at this fascinating topic.


Dr Alex Maritz, Professor, Entrepreneurship at La Trobe University, who has conducted several studies on older people starting their own businesses

Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, Founder and CEO of Full Time Lives, which ‘offers an antidote to the retirement model’ and provides ‘ways to positively and meaningfully embark on the next chapter following mid-life career and lifestyle changes’

Janne Sverdloff, who left a secure career as a teacher in her 50s and started a business as a marriage and funeral celebrant, later expanded into being a death doula and grief counsellor.

Natalie Yan-Chatonsky also offered a complimentary 20-minute one-to-one check in with her if you have any questions about applying design thinking to test out your business idea. Please book a time online with her at