As we get older we experience physical, cognitive and mental changes that can impact on our ability to drive. Ageing does not automatically mean you stop being an experienced or safe driver. Many people aged 80 and over continue to enjoy the independence that driving offers. For some however, driving becomes a safety risk, or even an unwanted responsibility. In this webinar we discussed the importance of good nutrition, adequate rest and exercise to stay strong and sharp and keep driving.

We also discussed how to transition from being a driver to being a passenger with minimal impact to your own health and wellbeing.

Kristine Luszczynski is the Online Learning and Development Manager in the Driver Training and Education Team for the NRMA. The NRMA is the recognised leader of motorists that delivers a range of services and support. They have a proud tradition of adding value to Members and the communities in which they live by championing regional communities and being an influential advocate for road safety and equitable mobility. Kristine has education and not for profit experience, and is passionate about the advocacy and safety of our members and broader communities on the road, be it as a driver or a pedestrian.