Acknowledgement of country

Acknowledgement of country

COTA NSW acknowledges the unique status of Australia’s First Peoples as the original people of this land. We recognise their cultures, histories and ongoing relationship and obligations to the land, sky and waterways.

In the spirit of reconciliation, COTA NSW acknowledges all traditional custodians of the lands we today know as New South Wales.

These homelands are ancient and sacred and First Nations people have a deep sense of belonging, both ancient and contemporary: because they are part of the world’s oldest surviving, living culture on the planet.

COTA NSW is on a journey and we reflect on the original people of this land, and the role that Elders and older people have within communities, both traditional and contemporary.

Elders and older people are revered as pivotal contributors to community life and families functioning well. They are the influencers in children and grandchildren’s lives and sometimes the lines are blurred between Aunties, Uncles and grandparents who all have an important role to play in growing up in the next generations to understand life, society and culture.