Many older people choose to downsize as they age, whether it’s to save money or to clear up clutter. However, downsizing can often be challenging, with important legal, financial, and logistical aspects to take into consideration. Join COTA NSW for a helpful discussion about how best to navigate your downsizing – from finding a new home that’s right for you, to choosing what belongings to keep. Ask our panel of experts any questions you need answered to begin your downsizing journey.


Peter Walsh is a committed de-clutterer. Peter Walsh believes that clutter is anything that gets in the way of people living their best lives. He has just launched the second series of his television program Space Invaders on the Nine Network. He has also been a regular on The Oprah Winfrey Show and has written seven best-selling books on how to be better organised and less cluttered.

Kristi Owen is the COTA NSW’s representative on the COTA National Policy Council. She works full time in the adult education sector and has worked in community services for many years. Her family includes two adult children that have left home and a husband who has just retired. She has recently gone through the process of moving from a large family home to a new two-bedroom unit by the beach.

Dr Margaret Ward is the Co-Convenor of the Australian Network for Universal Housing Design. She originally trained as an architect, and has been an advocate, public servant and service provider in the areas of housing and disability, working towards the adoption of housing design which includes everyone regardless of age, circumstance and ability.