Pre-budget submission 2018-19

COTA NSW congratulates the NSW government  on the refreshed NSW Ageing Strategy 2016-2020, and acknowledges the commitment of the NSW State Government to address the challenges
and opportunities of an ageing population. However, given the scale of the issue, as outlined both in the Strategy and the Intergenerational Report, COTA NSW believes there is scope for additional focus, targeted investment and intervention, particularly with disadvantaged groups of older people.

COTA NSW seeks:
Management and coordination of the Ageing Strategy to transfer from the Department of Family and Community services to a central agency with the authority to direct action in other agencies, and the ability to more easily coordinate funding and delivery of services.

The establishment of measureable targets for secretaries of departments involved in the Ageing Strategy, to ensure actions are prioritised amongst other work, and implemented across partner agencies.

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