Now is the time – COTA NSW Policy Platform 2019

The people of NSW are living longer, healthier lives. The challenges and opportunities this presents impact on us all – we all want our parents and ourselves to get the most out of life at every stage.

For older Australians to flourish, we need to ensure that supports and systems are in place. At the NSW state election approached in 2019, COTA NSW highlighted the strategic investments that will make this happen.

COTA NSW has a vision that ageing in Australia is a time of possibility, opportunity and influence. Of a community that values older people and the contributions they make, that supports them to stay engaged and actively participating.

We highlight five core principles:

  • A health system that encourages and supports older people to stay fit and healthy.
  • A job market that values older workers and workplace structures that support their participation.
  • Housing that is affordable and suitable for both renters and purchasers.
  • A range of transport options that support older people to participate in their communities.
  • Communities that are inclusive of all their citizens.

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