50+ Report – Debt, rent and homelessness: an insecure future

There are increasing numbers of older people experiencing housing stress and instability.

This report highlights the housing challenges that both mortgagees and renters are experiencing in an unaffordable and competitive rental and housing market. Previous assumptions that home ownership would be ubiquitous amongst older Australians and a fourth pillar of voluntary income savings is now being challenged.

The results of this survey, census data and other published reports indicate a growing number of older renters and home owners with mortgages into their 60s and beyond are facing housing and financial instability in their older years.

More than 7,600 older people responded to the 2017 COTA NSW housing survey, and the data we have gathered supports existing research that demonstrates an expanding group of older Australians that are spending unsustainable amounts on rent or are still paying off mortgages in their 60s and beyond. The survey also captured a significant portion of respondents (7.3%) that  had relied on others for housing in the past 5 years.

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