50+ Report – Accessing information and getting around

How easily a person can move through their community and access services in that community is vital to securing their independence and dignity. A person’s independence and dignity is impacted when their choices are limited by their situation – be it by their age, their income, their mobility, where they live or their gender. This question of independence and dignity, regardless of situation, is at the core of the age-friendly cities concept as defined by the World Health Organization.

An age-friendly city is one that enables people of all ages to actively engage in community activities and to have equal access to support when they require it. This means they are able to easily move about their community, but are also able to easily navigate their community – to have easy access to information about what is available to them in their community so that they can make informed decisions about how they wish to live their lives.

It is with these issues in mind that COTA NSW chose to focus our 2015 consumer survey on the question of how older people get around and how they get information.

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