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Refer your clients


About Living Longer Living Stronger

Living Longer Living Stronger is a strength and balance exercise program designed to help people over 50 stay strong, active and socially connected, including people who might otherwise feel isolated or unable to exercise.

Delivered by accredited exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and fitness professionals, Living Longer Living Stronger programs have been co-designed with universities, health professionals and people over 50 themselves.

In addition to their professional qualifications, our instructors undertake specialist training to receive accreditation with Living Longer Living Stronger. They have a good understanding of the needs of older people and will create a friendly environment that your patient will feel comfortable in.

Your patient will have an individual assessment with the Living Longer Living Stronger instructor, which enables the instructor to develop a tailored exercise program which address their specific needs and health goals. They are then introduced into a group class that encompasses people within a range of abilities. Through regular attendance they will gradually increase their strength, balance and mobility as well as cardiovascular function.

“This program suits both my husband and myself perfectly. At aged 80 years and having suffered major traumas, my husband is determined to stay healthy as he grows older. I, too, at 77 years of age, hope to regain my fitness and endurance having been immobile for four months. For this reason our exercises are designed to increase flexibility, strength, cardio, mobility and, most important, balance improvement. The exercises are well constructed, ranging from individual activities around rotating stations to group activities involving partners. Group exercises ensure there is a range of equipment available, together with encouragement, friendly rivalry and being able to help each other. Ms Williams gradually increases the difficulty levels of each program each week whilst checking, encouraging and modifying when necessary. We thoroughly recommend this program to others in similar circumstances and age groups.”

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How does Living Longer Living Stronger work?

The Living Longer Living Stronger program is delivered across two tiers, designed to accommodate participants with a range of needs.

Tier 1 is delivered by qualified and accredited exercise physiologists and physiotherapists and suitable for people with complex chronic conditions, multiple medical risk factors or who may be recovering from illness or injury.

Tier 2 is delivered by qualified and accredited fitness professionals and suitable for people  of all fitness levels and abilities who have few medical risks and may be managing chronic conditions.

The referral pathway

1. We encourage GPs and other healthcare professionals to refer their patients or clients directly to Living Longer Living Stronger classes. Please use the Referral/medical clearance form to do this.

2. Your patients may also come a copy of the referral/medical clearance form or ask for medical clearance. If they don’t already have the form, please use the Referral/medical clearance form for this as well. Please include information on any contraindication and/or recommendation on what to include in their program.

3. A GP may also be able to provide an extended primary care plan for participants attending a class taught by a Tier 1 instructor (Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist) to help cover the cost of their initial assessment

4. Your patient books their one-to-one assessment with the instructor.

5. The instructor develops the patient’s individual exercise plan.

6. Your patient joins a friendly local Living Longer Living Stronger group and starts their journey towards improving their strength, balance and wellbeing.