Living Longer Living Stronger is a progressive strength and balance program designed to improve your strength, balance and mobility. Classes may be held at a local gym, physio clinic, leisure or community centre.

It doesn’t matter if you have never done an exercise class before, or if you are relatively unfit. You will have an individual assessment and program but will take part in a class that is designed for people of all levels of ability. Through regular attendance you will gradually increase the level of work you do to develop your strength.

The instructors are all qualified exercise professionals who have undertaken accredited training through COTA NSW. They have a good understanding of the needs of older people and will create a friendly environment that you will feel comfortable in and provides an opportunity for socialising and meeting new people.

“I have osteoporosis and diminishing overall body strength, and my doctor however kept emphasising the importance of strengthening exercises, so I decided to give Living Longer Living Stronger a go. I am so pleased I did. I am enjoying the interesting and varied exercises. I am also enjoying exercising with the small group, sharing laughs and building friendships. I also appreciate the support and encouragement that Candy has given all the participants during the sessions. This program is very much tailored to my needs. An added bonus is I am now easily doing some of the exercises at home and am feeling that I have more energy and feel a sense of achievement.”

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Types of classes and costs

Some classes are run by physiotherapists or exercise physiologists – these are known as Tier 1 providers. They are trained to work with people who have complex chronic health conditions or injuries (as well as the general population). One-to-one assessment and exercise program: Maximum $85. Classes: Maximum $15.

Other providers are run by fitness professionals – these are referred to as Tier 2 providers. They are trained to work with the general population and people with managed chronic conditions. One-to-one assessment and exercise program: Maximum $60. Classes: Maximum $10. If you have more complex conditions or injuries and there is no Tier 1 provider in your area, you may be able to get an assessment from another physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and then work with the Tier 2 provider.

Online classes

If you are still concerned about going to an in-person class, you don’t need to miss out, as some instructors are running online classes. If you’re new to Living Longer living Stronger you’ll need an initial assessment. If you’re already in a class with a different instructor, you may need another assessment if we can’t easily transfer your program. In these cases the assessment can be done online too.

Class locations

Enrolment forms

New participants must complete an enrolment form before your assessment. Download enrolment form

If you answered yes to any of the six questions on the enrolment form, you will need to get medical clearance from your doctor. Download medical clearance/referral form

More information

Please email us on if:

  • you would like any more information
  • you would like us to let you know about future classes
  • you would like a class in your area or have ideas for possible venues or instructors.