What is Living Longer Living Stronger?

What is Living Longer Living Stronger?

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Living Longer Living Stronger is an exciting and affordable exercise program to help older people improve their physical strength and fitness. It is a progressive training program designed to improve strength, balance, coordination and endurance.

COTA NSW trains qualified exercise professionals to deliver the program. They have a good understanding of the needs of older people.

As well as increasing strength, other likely benefits of the program include:

  • improved balance
  • increased mobility
  • reduced risk of falls
  • preventing or managing arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease
  • speeding up recovery from illness
  • reducing lower back pain
  • improved ability to undertake daily living tasks
  • opportunities for social interaction
  • improvement in self-esteem and mental wellbeing

Classes are held in suitable facilities such as gyms, council recreation facilities and community centres. You receive an individual assessment and program at a cost of $30-$85, depending on the qualifications of the instructor. The cost for classes also varies, but is within a range that is as low as possible while being sustainable for the provider – $8-15 per hour.

Living longer Living Stronger is also offering exercise videos for you to get moving now, subject to safety precautions.