COTA NSW Peer Education

Our Peer Education program is currently not operating.

What is Peer Education?

Peer education at COTA NSW is a form of community engagement and learning that involves people from similar age groups educating each other about specific concerns. Drawing from lived experiences and engaged participation peer education facilitates valuable discussion from within your peer group.

Our education programs empower individuals, groups and communities to take control of their situation, be aware of possibilities and make informed decisions about issues that matter.

We know that people don't like to be lectured, so we make sure that our talks are informal, interactive and entertaining for the people who attend. With a COTA NSW Peer Educator as a guest speaker, you will hear about topics in everyday language that relates to you and the rest of the group.

Other opportunities

We hope to run a similar program in the future with the assistance of COTA NSW Volunteers. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with COTA NSW please click here to complete our survey.

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