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Exercise program to improve strength, balance and mobility

Strength for Life - Taking the classes 

Strength for Life is a progressive training program designed to improve your strength and fitness. You attend classes held in a local gym, council facility or community centre and gradually increase the level of work you do to develop your strength. The charge for the classes is very reasonable.

It doesn't matter if you are unfit, or you have never done an exercise class before. You will have an individual program but will take part in a class that is designed for people of all levels of ability. Among other things, this gives you the opportunity to socialise with likeminded people!

The trainers are all qualified exercise professionals who have undertaken a special program to be accredited with Strength for Life. They have a good understanding of the needs of older people and will create a friendly environment that you will feel comfortable in.

If you want to take advantage of this exciting and affordable new program and can get to one of the areas listed below, you can contact the instructors directly.

All participants need to complete the enrolment form and bring it to the provider. 

If you have answered yes to any of the six questions in the pre-exercise questionnaire you will also need medical clearance from your doctor.


Launching in April:

If you are interested but there is no class that suits you, do keep an eye on this page as new classes are starting all the time. You can also complete the sign up form below and we will let you know about future classes. If you have ideas for possible venues or instructors, please contact the Strength for Life Coordinator on 9286 3860 or 1800 449 102.

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