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Improve your strength, balance and mobility in your own home

Living Longer Living Stronger - Online classes 

Living Longer Living Stronger is a progressive training program designed to improve your strength, balance and mobility. And now you can take Strength for Life classes online in your own home! And that means anyone in NSW can take part!

It doesn't matter if you are unfit, or you have never done an exercise class before. Like the in-person classes, Living Longer Living Stronger online is suitable for people of all levels of ability. Your instructor assesses your situation and develops an individualised program for you, and gives options suitable for you in the online class. 

All Living Longer Living Stronger facilitators are qualified exercise professionals who have undertaken a special program to be accredited. They have a good understanding of the needs of older people and will create a friendly (virtual) environment that you will feel comfortable in.

Some classes are run by physiotherapists or exercise physiologists - these are known as Tier 1 providers. They are trained to work with people who have complex chronic health conditions or injuries (as well as the general population).

Other providers are run by fitness professionals - these are referred to as Tier 2 providers. They are trained to work with the general population and people with managed chronic conditions.

Tier 1 providers: One-to-one assessment and exercise program: Maximum $85. Classes: Maximum $15.
Tier 2 providers: One-to-one assessment and exercise program: Maximum $65. Classes: Maximum $10  

How it works

1. Fill in and submit pre-screening enrolment form 

2. If you answered yes to any of the six questions on the enrolment form, you'll need a medical clearance form form from your doctor.

3. Online one-to-one assessment. Discuss your exercise history, medical conditions, injuries, your short and long term goals.

4. Instructor develops your individual program.

5. In the class: Group warm up, then group balance section (with individual variations as required), then individualised strength section.

Living Longer Living Stronger online providers 

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