Kamilla Haufort

Living Longer, Living Stronger Coordinator

Kamilla has spent the past two decades in the fitness industry, first completing a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation from Staffordshire University in 2001 and then Masters in Public Health from the University of NSW in 2011. Her passion is making quality exercise available to all and she has worked on several community-embedded exercise programs both in the UK and Australia.

Between 2005-2008 she implemented the Inclusive Fitness Initiative at a gym in Ladbroke grove, West London, a project to change gyms to become more inclusive for people with a disability, involving a physical audit, training staff and inclusive marketing, then took on the central role with English Federation of Disability Sport to work with gyms across London to do the same.

In Australia, Kamilla has worked on the Heart Foundation Heartmoves program, coordinating the training of instructors and promoting of the program across NSW and Victoria. She now manages COTA NSW’s Living Longer Living Stronger program, operating on a similar model of training exercise professionals and supporting them to implement strength and balance programs in the community.

You can contact Kamilla by email – LLLS@cotansw.com.au