COTA NSW our stories

COTA NSW members have plenty of ideas and experience in how to live constructively and successfully as they get older. Read some of their stories here.

    COTA member Gregory Allen asks what are the signs that tell you that you are a 'senior'?.
        Brian Ellis reflects on how technological developments have changed the way we do so many things.
          COTA NSW volunteer peer educator Val Fell has always been active, and is embarking on a new project with us in her 90s.
          Trevor Long recently attended COTA NSW's consumer reference group meeting at Campsie, and shared a good news story about aged care.
          Brian Ellis discusses what he calls the R/C Factor or resistance to change factor. How important is it in our later years of life?
          Anne Gleeson reflects on the process of learning to read and the joys of reading in childhood.
          Louise Roach reminisces about her schooldays.
          Anne Gleeson looks at the role that knitting has played in her life.

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