COTA Australia advocates on Australia-wide and federal issues including aged care, employment and retirement income.

COTA NSW/Challenger Research Highlights Age Discrimination in the Workforce

New research into the treatment of older workers by COTA NSW and Challenger shows that many mature-age employees report…

Older people and community - COTA NSW

Report Dispels Preconceptions about Older People and Community

New research from COTA NSW has dispelled preconceptions about older people and their relation to their community. A majority of…

Older woman with disability - COTA NSW media

New Research – Assumptions Disproved about Older Single Women without Children

COTA NSW Board member Associate Professor Myra Hamilton and her colleagues have just released new research about older single women…

Monthly webinar series

COTA Watch is a monthly webinar series where we invite experts from all walks of life to talk about a range of topics of interest to our supporters.