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Read our stories

A voice for Forgotten Australians
Like a number of children in Australia, Ellen Bucello spent much of her childhood in foster care. Her experience of that care is a confronting story.

A little older
A retirement village residents notices that the rights and concerns of people don’t seem so important once they are “a little older”

The potential in every child
As well as having a daughter with cerebral palsy, Jenny Pride has provided short-term foster care for 33 babies with a disability over the last 12 years.

There’s no nice way to say ‘redundant
Former lawyer, now educator and writer Margaret White writes about her experience of being unexpectedly made redundant.

A 78er reflects on Mardi Gras
In February 2020, Diane Minnis was an enthusiastic participant in the 42nd Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. She was also one of the people who took part in the events that launched the Mardi Gras back in 1978.

Watching young people blossom
Graham Whittaker talks about the satisfaction he finds in mentoring young people.

Staying Active, continuing to learn
COTA NSW volunteer peer educator Val Fell has always been active, and is embarking on a new project with us in her 90s.

The dawn of ageing
COTA member Gregory Allen asks what are the signs that tell you that you are a ‘senior’?

Veterans in the war against scammers
Former lawyer, now educator and writer Margaret White tells us about her mother’s way of dealing with scammers who try to exploit vulnerable older people.

Approaching a new interest
Is volunteering sufficient to replace a purposeful working life? COTA NSW member Gregory Allen shares his experience.

Technology can make a difference
Brian Ellis reflects on how technological developments have changed the way we do so many things.

The R-C Factor
Brian Ellis discusses what he calls the R-C Factor or resistance to change factor. How important is it in our later years of life?

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