COTA NSW Home Options Information Service

Providing people with clear information about choosing the best home option as they age

The COTA NSW Home Options Information Service offers people independent information about their housing options

The COTA NSW Home Options Information Service assists people in NSW to weigh up their housing options. This service aims to help people decide which of the different types of home options will work for them in later life.

To get help with your housing options, call the COTA NSW Information Service:

02 9286 3860 or 1800 449 102 (regional NSW)

People need help working out whether they should move and what kind of home they can afford. They also need assistance assessing which home option will allow them to work, socialise, or access transport and services in a way that meet their needs.


Some of the things we can help you with include:

Home options:

What kind of housing options are available to you?

What are the positive and negative features that might be relevant to you as you age?

Decision making:

Will your current housing situation serve your needs into the future, or do you need to make a change?

What are some of the things you need to consider before making a change?

Home design:

How can the design of your home ensure that it serves your needs at every stage of life?

What are some of the design features you should consider when moving into a new place or renovating your own home?

Professional services:

If you need detailed and specific information about your individual situation, we can refer you to a professional who can give you the help you need.


For more information on how the Home Options Information Service can help you, click here.



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COTA NSW is committed to provide a standard of service that satisfies its clients. If however it does not, the client has the right to make a complaint. For COTA NSW's complaint policy please click here.

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