Tell your story

Tell your story

COTA NSW is interested to hear about you. Older people often have surprising stories to tell, and when we can we publish them in the Read our stories section of our website.

Is there a part of your life that resonates for you, an experience you’d like to share, something that you are reflecting on, rites of passage that moved or affected you, or interesting encounters you’ve had? Or is there someone else you find interesting or inspiring that you’d like to tell us about? Write and tell us in a maximum of 700 words, or you could also send a video.

We’re looking for something different here from giving feedback on specific issues and concerns that we can use in our recommendations to government. More information about giving feedback.

We do reserve the right to edit stories if they are too long and not to publish any given story if we don’t think it is suitable. See some of our current stories.

Send your story to with “Tell your story” in the email heading. (Of course you can choose your own heading for your actual story.)