COTA NSW Conversations 2022 webinar program

February – Let’s Talk About Sex: Intimacy as you age

Maintaining healthy sexual intimacy is an important aspect of ageing well. Too often, however, these crucial conversations are stigmatised and hidden. Join COTA NSW for a no-holds-barred discussion of sex and ageing, from keeping your sex life interesting and intimate, to practising safe sex as you age. Hear from a panel of experts about the crucial ingredients of good sex as you get older, and ask them your burning questions. Watch the webinar

March – The Dos and Don’ts of Downsizing

Many older people choose to downsize as they age, whether it’s to save money or to clear up clutter. However, downsizing can often be challenging, with important legal, financial, and logistical aspects to take into consideration. Join COTA NSW for a helpful discussion about how best to navigate your downsizing – from finding a new home that’s right for you, to choosing what belongings to keep. Ask our panel of experts any questions you need answered to begin your downsizing journey. Watch the webinar

April – What the Budget Means for You – and what you can do about it

From aged care to employment, essential services to health, the federal budget has significant implications for the lives of older Australians. However, sifting through the information in the budget to find out what matters to you is easier said than done – and figuring out what you can do about it even harder. Join COTA NSW for a revealing discussion about what the budget means for older people, and how you can get involved come election time. Watch the webinar

May – 50+ Report

Launch of COTA NSW’s annual 50+ report Watch the webinar

June – Navigating Aged Care

For many older people, aged care represents the best housing option as their care needs increase. However, understanding the aged care process can be difficult, and information can often be opaque. Join COTA NSW for an in-depth look at the process of entering aged care, and what you need to ensure a smooth transition into care. Our panel of experts will answer any questions you might have about the aged care system, whether for yourself or for a loved one.

July – The Seniorpreneurs Guide to Success: Starting a business as an older person

Hundreds of older people and retirees are re-entering the workforce, not as employees, but as business owners. These ‘seniorpreneurs’ are showing that older people not only have what it takes to participate in a workplace, but to lead one. Join COTA NSW to hear from our panel of experts to hear their experiences of starting a business as an older person, and their advice for those who are hoping to do the same.

August – Dying to Know: Talking to loved ones about death

Conversations about death and dying are difficult, but important. Communicating with loved ones about your death can help ensure a more dignified experience, and one that better suits your wishes. Join COTA NSW to hear from a panel of experts on Dying to Know Day, and hear their advice on holding these tough conversations about death with your loved ones.

September – Get Your Green Thumb: Gardening and nutrition

Gardening and growing your own food is a great way to stay active, learn a new skill, and get more delicious fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. As spring begins, it’s the perfect time to start planting ahead of summer. Join COTA NSW and our panel of experts to hear about how growing your own food can help you stay fit and healthy as you age.

October – How’s Your Headspace?: Older people’s mental health

The past few years have been difficult for many people, and mental health issues in older people have increased significantly. Despite this, older people’s mental health remains a stigmatised and under-discussed topic. Join COTA NSW and our panel of experts to discuss mental health for older people, and what we can do to look after each other – and ourselves.

November – Summer Safety: Keeping cool in the heat

From beach trips to barbecues, summer is a great time to relax with loved ones. However, it’s important to stay aware of the health risks that summer can pose, from bushfires to heat stroke. Join COTA NSW and our panel of experts to receive practical advice on keeping safe in the heat this summer.