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Exercise program to improve strength, balance and mobility

Strength for Life - become a provider 

Australia's population is ageing, and it is crucial that people have the opportunity to remain as healthy as possible as they get older. To address this, COTA has developed Strength for Life, an evidence-based exercise program to support older adults to increase their strength, balance and mobility

Becoming an accredited provider for the Strength for Life program gives you the opportunity to access a group in the community who may not otherwise have contact with gyms or exercise classes. Once they know that your class is welcoming and suitable for them, and they can see the physical improvements from attending, they will become loyal customers who will help promote your business through word of mouth.

Being in the strength for Life program has many benefits: 
  • the quality control that many health professionals are looking for when referring their clients and patients to exercise programs

  • access to branded marketing materials such as posters and brochures

  • pre-exercise screening tools

  • referral letter template

  • publicity by COTA NSW to promote the program through our community, allied organisations and partners and the media.

  • What's involved:

    1. Apply to become a provider. This involves a reasonable yearly fee.

    2. Undertake a two-day training workshop covering:

  • the complexities of ageing 

  • managing chronic disease in an exercise setting

  • managing progressive strength training in a group setting

  • creating a fun social environment

  • To find out more about Strength for Life training and Licencing, please contact Strength For Life Coordinator Kamilla Haufort on 02 8268 9602 or

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