Grandparents, Relative and Kinship Carer Alliance GRaKCA

At COTA NSW, we believe the wider community should ensure that grandchildren who come into the care of their grandparents – and the grandparents who are raising them – receive adequate, ongoing support

GRaKCA: Grandparents, Relative and Kinship Carer Alliance Advocating on Behalf of Grandparent Carers

Advocating on behalf of Grandparent Carers

The Grandparent, Relative and Kinship Carer Alliance (GRaKCA) is an advocacy group convened by COTA NSW. The members of GRaKCA are made up of support group leaders, service providers and grandparent carers themselves. By convening, COTA NSW is able to obtain information from support group leaders about the key issues for grandparent carers. The information obtained from GRaKCA shapes the advocacy agenda COTA NSW presents to politicians, policy makers and service providers in the area.

Through GRaKCA, COTA NSW aims to:

  • Raise awareness within the community and all levels of government regarding the social justice issues associated with the increasing demands on grandparents raising grandchildren
  • Lobby for the fair and equitable treatment of grandparents who are raising grandchildren.

Grandparent Carer Support Groups

Grandparent support groups are located throughout NSW. Some groups focus on connecting grandparent carers with those in the same situation and aim to alleviate the isolation carers can experience. Other groups place an emphasis on offering their members up-to-date information about dealing with FACS or Centrelink etcetera. Many grandparent carers report that they benefit greatly by being part of a support group.

From 2011 until 2012, the State Government funded COTA NSW to operate a program which provided assistance to grandparent support groups. During this period, COTA NSW compiled a list of many of the grandparent support groups in NSW:

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If you find there's no grandparent support group in your area it is possible to start your own support group. COTA NSW has produced a publication called Grandparents Raising Grandchildren – a Networking Resource, which provides a simple guide to establishing your own support group:

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This publication includes information about health and legal services, and includes a directory that may help you to access information and services that may assist you in your capacity as a grandparent carer.

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