Universal design

Creating an inclusive world

Adapting to peoples' changing needs as they age

COTA NSW advocates for the adoption of the principles of universal design as a means to create liveable communities for everyone. The concept of universal design applies to everything that is designed: products, buildings, urban spaces, communications technology and so on. The aim of universal design is encourage designers to consider the needs and convenience of all members of the community so that they do not inadvertently create barriers to participation for anyone.

COTA NSW, with sponsorship from the City of Sydney and the State Government, hosted the inaugural Australian Universal Design Conference in 2014. The conference attracted delegates from across Australia and internationally and from a range of design disciplines as well as community service providers. Dr Ger Craddock, Chief Officer from the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design in Ireland, and Kay Saville-Smith, sociologist and Director of the Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment in New Zealand were the keynote speakers.

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