COTA NSW increasing awareness on mental health

Mental health continues to be a key policy issue for COTA NSW

Mental health issues are reaching alarming levels amongst older people

We know that mental health issues are reaching alarming levels amongst older people. In fact, high rates of mental ill health are now translating into extremely high rates of suicide amongst older men.

COTA NSW is actively working to increase awareness of this issue and to ensure that politicians and policy makers address the needs of older people with mental health issues.

We also contribute to policy development on mental health by participating in a number of policy committees and advisory groups including:

  • NSW Health - Older Peoples Mental Health Working Group (OPMHWG)
  • NSW Mental Health Commission – Living Long and Strong Working Group

COTA NSW, in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Australia, responded to the NSW Mental Health Commission's Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW. We urge the Government to do more to recognise and meet the needs of older people experiencing mental ill health.

Click here to view the submission.

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