Liveable communities

COTA NSW plays a major role as an advocate for the creation of liveable communities in NSW

Adapting to peoples' needs across their life span

A liveable community is one that encourages and supports all people across their life span. This means that streets, buildings, homes, services and transport are easily accessible, safe and convenient to use regardless of age, level of capability, or background.

We have a track record of working with local government to assist councils in the process of creating more liveable communities to help prepare them to become members of the WHO Age Friendly Cities and Communities.

COTA NSW is also active on a number of committees, working groups and one-off consultations that also seek the aims of liveable communities, including the:

  • Sydney Olympic Park Authority Access Advisory Committee
  • City of Sydney Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel
  • Healthy Built Environments Working Group
  • Australian Network for Universal Housing Design

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