COTA NSW and End of Life policy issues

COTA NSW continues to work on a range of policy issues associated with the End of Life period

The Planning for Later Life project

We are involved in the Planning for Later Life project, which also involves the University of NSW.

This project looks at the extent to which the policies and practices of financial institutions in NSW recognise enduring powers of attorney and/or financial management orders. These orders are made when a person has lost mental capacity and has not already established an enduring power of attorney.

The project highlights these issues, recommends changes to simplify this area of law, and identifies steps to create uniformity among the various states and territories. It will also give rise to educational packages for financial institutions and consumers.

COTA NSW is also active on policy advisory committees working on End of Life issues, including the NSW Health End of Life Implementation Advisory Committee.

Parliamentary Forum: Let's talk about dying

COTA NSW also held a Parliamentary Forum on End of Life issues. It brought together experts, politicians and members of the community to discuss the issues and decisions that confront us as we face the End of Life. The forum concluded with a discussion of the pros and cons of 'assisted dying'.

View the Parliamentary Forum:

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