COTA NSW 2018 Engagement Report

What matters to older people in NSW

COTA NSW 2018 Engagement Report

COTA NSW 2018 Engagement Report

Released: 24-Sep-2018

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The report asked people over the age of 50 what matters to them across five broad themes: health, employment, housing, transport, and social inclusion.

Over 300 consumers were included over 18 sessions, and represented 51% of NSW state electorates. They form part of COTA’s larger engagement with older people, including a survey of over 7,500 people on housing issues and a recent national survey.

COTA NSW CEO Meagan Lawson said that the report demonstrates the necessity of asking older people their opinions. 

“Older people just aren’t being listened to – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to say,” said Lawson. 

“It’s high time that somebody pays attention – which is what we’ve done with this Engagement Report. We talked to people all over New South Wales to ask what they care about and what matters most to them,” she said.

The Engagement Report highlighted key areas of concern for older people across NSW, including the need for communication training for medical staff, and the affordability, availability and accessibility of housing.

Other key concerns raised included discrimination against older workers and job seekers, and difficulty getting around local areas because of a lack of footpaths and poor footpath maintenance. 

“Older people feel like they’re getting left behind and that they aren’t being listened to. This report demonstrates that they do have concerns and opinions – they’re just looking for someone to listen,” said Lawson. 

Findings from the Engagement Report, as well as those from COTA NSW’s wider engagement with older people in NSW, will be used to inform COTA NSW’s policies, including pre-election and advocacy activity. 

The report outlines the key themes in detail, and is separated by electorates surveyed. The Engagement Report can be accessed below.

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