COTA NSW Forum: Busting the myth of an 'intergenerational war'

This fourm bought experts together to discuss and dispel the myth about an intergenerational war.

COTA NSW Forum: Busting the myth of an 'intergenerational war'

COTA NSW Forum: Busting the myth of an 'intergenerational war'

Released: 22-Nov-2016

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In 2016, COTA NSW brought together experts and members of the community to discuss the issue of an intergenerational war. The media has been blaming baby boomers for the difficulties younger people are facing getting into the overpriced house market.

Opened by Ian Day, Chief Executive Officer of COTA NSW, the forum covered a board range of topics, including the preliminary results of COTA NSW latest consumer survey in how older people spend their time and money. The overriding message of the forum was that the intergenerational war described by the media is deflecting the real issues at hand, such as housing affordability for people in NSW.


Please click on the links below to view presentations from the forum.


Dr Myra Hamilton, University of New South Wales

Eamon Waterford, Committee for Sydney

Dr Ben Spies-Butcher, Macquarie University

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