Board Member Profile - Janet Beale

We spoke with board member Janet Beale, pictured here with her son Adam (a target rifle shooter!) and a childhood photo outside her home during the Canadian summer.

Board Member Profile - Janet Beale

Board Member Profile - Janet Beale

Released: 13-Sep-2018

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Q: What motivated you to join the COTA NSW board?

I’d known of COTA for 20+ years, so when I turned 56 and semi-retired I offered to join the board, brining 35+ years of experience in business.

Q: What issue do you believe more people should be talking about?

I have three issues:
1. The technological divide. Many services are going digital and technology can help people to connect with other.
2. Jobs for people 50+ and the affordability of retirement.
3. A good end-of-life experience

Q: What are some of the opportunities that you’ve discovered with age?

- Semi-retirement is a marvellous occupation
- I’m enjoying having time to help
- I have time to investigate genealogy
- My son has introduced me to target rifle shooting, a disciplined and ‘ageless’ sport.

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