50+ Report: We hear from over 50s across the state.

COTA NSW has now released its latest 50+ Report. We spoke to almost 4000 people aged over 50 across the state about how they move through their communities and how they get their hands on information to inform decision making in their lives.

50+ Report: We hear from over 50s across the state.

50+ Report: We hear from over 50s across the state.

Released: 29-Mar-2016

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Each year COTA NSW conducts a consumer survey of people aged 50 years and over living in NSW, seeking their views about a range of issues that affect their lives. 

Our annual COTA NSW 50+ Report collates the findings from this survey, allowing decision makers to better understand the experiences of over 50s in NSW.

We spoke to nearly 4000 people in NSW about issues associated their access to the community. Our survey sought to find out how older people get their hands on the information they need to make vital decisions. It also explored older people’s ability to get around their community with ease. We looked at issues as broadly as possible, posing questions about how easily people can move around in public spaces, and whether their transport options give them real access to their community. 

While some respondents enjoy good access to information and move around their communities freely, there are some alarming exceptions. 

Key Findings 

  • The increasing trend of moving information online or into information hubs does not reflect the incredible diversity that 50s in NSW display in how they like to access information to inform their life decisions. 
  • The main barriers faced by over 50s in NSW in accessing information are linked to the under-staffing of services and the poor design of government and commercial websites. 
  • There continue to be disparities in transport options between metropolitan and regional/rural areas that are impacting on how older people are able to get around and exert their independence. 
  • A significant gender gap remains in  older men’s and women’s socio-economic situations: women in NSW are retiring later, working in casual and part-time roles, and are facing far less financial security in retirement. Around one in four women are living on a household income of less than $25,000, which will have a limiting effect on their ability to use more expensive information options – such as their own internet service – or their own car. 

Read the full report here: 2015 50+ Report

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