COTA NSW Submissions on Housing 2017

Housing affordability is an issue that impacts older people in NSW

COTA NSW Submissions on Housing 2017

COTA NSW Submissions on Housing 2017

Released: 12-May-2017

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Housing affordability is an issue that is also impacting older people in NSW, with particular housing stress affecting: renters in the private rental market, those on low incomes and older women.

Housing is a key policy focus area for COTA NSW this year and we are actively identifying areas of government policy and planning that we can undertake advocacy on.

In 2017 COTA NSW has made formal submissions to two key documents that could impact the future diversity of Sydney and policies relating to social housing:

  • The Draft District Plans for Greater Sydney are a planning blueprint for future development in Sydney and provides a critical opportunity to shape the future of our suburbs and include important considerations such as infrastructure, social diversity and community health and wellbeing. COTA NSW made a submission to the Greater Sydney Commission, which you can view hereThe submission provided recommendations relating to affordable housing, the need for minimum accessibility standards for new developments and the importance of walkable and liveable cities – that prioritise open space, adequate pedestrian infrastructure and housing near public transport and health services.
    • The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) recently sought comment on their review into rent models for social and affordable housing.  This report examined the sustainability of social housing and essentially recognised the need for the NSW Government to increase its’ funding of social housing and to retain the existing percentages of rent paid by tenants on welfare supports – there were a number of other measures that were of concern to COTA.  A copy of our submission can be found here.

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