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1. COTA NSW Pre-budget submission 2020-21
Posted 30-Nov-2019

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COTA NSW looks key outcomes that need to be achieved for older people in the five areas of the NSW Ageing Strategy.

2. COTA NSW Annual Report 2018-19
Posted 27-Nov-2019

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2018-19 has been a year of consolidation and development for COTA NSW.

3. Now is the time
Posted 01-Jan-2019

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COTA NSW's policy platform for the 2019 NSW state election

4. State of the (Older) Nation 2018
Posted 05-Dec-2018

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A landmark report into the lives, experiences and issues affecting older Australians

5. COTA NSW Report 2018
Posted 27-Nov-2018

Event Date 30-Nov-2018 to

Debt, Rent and Homelessness: An Insecure Future

6. COTA NSW 2018 Engagement Report
Posted 24-Sep-2018

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What matters to older people in NSW

7. Power of Attorney
Posted 18-Jan-2018

Event Date 07-Feb-2018 to 07-May-2018

Seminar presentation by COTA NSW and the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre

8. COTA NSW Forum: Busting the myth of an 'intergenerational war'
Posted 22-Nov-2016

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This fourm bought experts together to discuss and dispel the myth about an intergenerational war.

9. Grandparent care: how much is too much?
Posted 20-Nov-2014

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Long-time COTA NSW collaborator Dr Bridget Jenkins appeared at The Relevance of Grandparenting in Modern Families forum, which was co-hosted by COTA NSW and the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) on 20 November 2014.The forum examined the role grandparenting plays in the lives of older people, and the roles grandparents play in families.

10. Watch: Parliamentary Forum footage
Posted 01-Jul-2014

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Paying the Price sought to prompt debate about the measures that should be adopted to ensure Australian women enjoy a more secure older age. Watch footage of the individual guest speakers.

11. Forum: Let's talk about dying
Posted 22-Jul-2013

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The forum covered a broad range of issues, including hospital care, palliative care, carer support, advance care directives. The forum concluded with a discussion of the pros and cons of ‘assisted dying'.

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