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1. COTA NSW Annual Report 2018-19
Posted 27-Nov-2019

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2018-19 has been a year of consolidation and development for COTA NSW.

2. COTA NSW Pre-budget submission 2020-21
Posted 21-Nov-2019

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In COTA NSW's pre-budget submission for 2020-21 we look at the five areas of the NSW Ageing Strategy and make recommendations about key outcomes that need to be achieved for older people.

3. COTA NSW Policy Position Statements
Posted 20-Dec-2018

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COTA NSW have developed several policy position statements during 2018.

4. State of the (Older) Nation 2018
Posted 05-Dec-2018

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Today we joined our COTA colleagues from around the country to launch the inaugural State of the (Older) Nation report.

5. Debt, Rent and Homelessness
Posted 27-Nov-2018

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Council on the Ageing (COTA) NSW has launched their research report Debt, Rent and Homelessness: An Insecure Future.

6. 2019 Policy Platform - Now is the time
Posted 15-Nov-2018

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Council on the Ageing (COTA) NSW has launched its 2019 Policy Platform.

7. 2018 Engagement Report
Posted 24-Sep-2018

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COTA NSW has launched its 2018 Engagement Report, which surveyed the opinions of older Australians through a series of focus groups across the state on what matters to them.

8. Thursday 8 March marks International Women’s Day – and COTA NSW has just released a report that shows too many women are being left behind by the retirement income system
Posted 08-Mar-2018

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COTA NSW 50+ Report - The super bias: an insecure future

9. Power of Attorney Seminar presentation by Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC) and COTA NSW
Posted 18-Jan-2018

Event Date 07-Feb-2018 to 07-May-2018

Seminar presentation available

10. COTA NSW Annual Report 2016/17
Posted 29-Nov-2017

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COTA NSW Annual Report for 2016/17 which highlights some of our achievements.

11. Download 2018/19 Pre-Budget Submission
Posted 09-Nov-2017

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COTA NSW presents its Pre-Budget Submission for the 2018/19 year

12. Changes to Superannuation from 1 July 2017
Posted 10-Jul-2017

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Be aware of what the changes are and how you might be affected

13. Australian Law Reform Commission releases report on Elder Abuse
Posted 03-Jul-2017

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Elder Abuse - A National Legal Response

14. NSW 2017-18 Budget at a Glance
Posted 21-Jun-2017

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The 2017-18 NSW Budget was announce on 20 June. Here are some of the key announcements.

15. COTA NSW 2017 Submissions on Housing
Posted 12-May-2017

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Housing affordability is an issue that impacts older people in NSW

16. What will COTA NSW be fighting for this year?
Posted 23-Jan-2017

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Discover the main agendas that COTA NSW will be looking to see addressed in the upcoming financial year.

17. COTA NSW Forum: Busting the myth of an 'intergenerational war'
Posted 22-Nov-2016

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This fourm bought experts together to discuss and dispel the myth about an intergenerational war.

18. Download 2015/2016 Pre Budget Submission
Posted 17-Feb-2015

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As COTA NSW’s principal policy document, the PBS contains our key recommendations to the NSW State Government in terms of the Budget it hands down in the 2015-2016 financial year.

19. 50+ Report launch: presentation notes available
Posted 20-Nov-2014

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COTA NSW launched its lastest 50+ Report at a Parliamentary Forum on Tuesday 18th November.

20. Grandparent care: how much is too much?
Posted 20-Nov-2014

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Long-time COTA NSW collaborator Dr Bridget Jenkins appeared at The Relevance of Grandparenting in Modern Families forum, which was co-hosted by COTA NSW and the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) on 20 November 2014.The forum examined the role grandparenting plays in the lives of older people, and the roles grandparents play in families.

21. Watch: Parliamentary Forum footage
Posted 01-Jul-2014

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Paying the Price sought to prompt debate about the measures that should be adopted to ensure Australian women enjoy a more secure older age. Watch footage of the individual guest speakers.

22. Forum: Let's talk about dying
Posted 22-Jul-2013

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The forum covered a broad range of issues, including hospital care, palliative care, carer support, advance care directives. The forum concluded with a discussion of the pros and cons of ‘assisted dying'.

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