Voluntary Assisted Dying campaign

Voluntary Assisted Dying campaign

COTA NSW supports the campaign to introduce Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) in NSW, and the bill currently being considered by the NSW parliament which would enable this. Similar legislation has already been passed in every other state and in New Zealand.

We believe that older people in the last stages of a terminal or incurable illness have the right to make informed decisions on their end-of-life medical care, including the choice to receive medical assistance to end their life peacefully, at a time of their choosing.

This position is based on the strong support for VAD which has been demonstrated by older people. The COTA Federation’s State of the (Older) Nation report, published earlier this year, found that 72% of people aged 50 and over in NSW supported such legislation, and more than 50% of older people in NSW have considered VAD for themselves.

Read our submission on the Provisions of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021.

How you can help

  • Write to your local MP (it’s easy using this tool)