Advocacy and campaigns program

Advocacy and campaigns program

Making a difference for older people

Decisions that affect older people are made every day in NSW, and one persuasive voice in the ear of a decision maker can be hugely influential in creating change.

COTA NSW is facilitating older people in NSW to speak about their concerns and needs, and make sure their voices are heard.

We assist individuals to advocate and campaign on issues of concern to older people and forge links with other groups who campaign on specific issues. This can involve:

  • Providing and supporting representatives on consultative committees and councils. Find out more about consumer representatives.
  • Assisting people to take actions such as providing perspectives and information to local Members of Parliament.
  • Facilitating information and media on campaign issues.

If you’d like to make a positive impact for older people and help empower others, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact our Campaigns and Communications Officer on and we’ll be be in touch.