Anoop Sud

Anoop Sud

Champion advocate for diverse communities

My name is Anoop and I am now living in Western Sydney in a multi-generational-family-home and have experienced more than 73 summers in my life.

Having lived on the different continents of Asia, Africa, North-America and Europe amid multi-faith, multi-cultural, multi-language, multi-social groups, I have lived experience of the vulnerabilities of living through extreme heat and extreme cold, and the challenges of energy poverty – that is, being able to afford to pay your electricity bills, especially if at the lower socio-economic end of society.

Climate change is a phenomenon that cannot be handled in its individuality. We need to find disruptive solutions that should/could provide solutions to meet the needs of humans at an individual level. Local initiatives, local-thought processes and local solutions are needed to meet the local requirements so that affordability of electricity becomes a reality.

I have started to involve myself with different organisations, such as COTA NSW, Voices for Power (VfP) and Sydney Alliance, to search and contribute to finding solutions to differing community issues, especially for the members of society who are financially disadvantaged. It is through these collective voices and their collective action that real change for the common good will occur.

Frontline workers, like fire-fighters, face extreme heat. Rescuers risking their own lives to save others work through extreme weather conditions such as storms, rain and cold. All humans need to live in a climate that can provide not just a future for our grandkids but also provide for their growth.

This is where I am making my contribution, however small it maybe, to mobilise the community to convey that this is our planet and we are going to ensure it remains livable.

Photo: Anoop meeting NSW Energy Minster Matt Kean