Building Better Homes campaign

Building Better Homes campaign

COTA NSW has recently been active in the Building Better Homes campaign. The campaign is advocating for all states to adopt the new National Construction Code, which would enforce minimum accessibility standards for all new home builds.

Adopting the new code would have a huge impact on the quality of life for older people in NSW. Research shows that the majority of older people want to stay in their homes as they get older. However, far too often, those homes aren’t fit for purpose – the hallway is too narrow or the steps too high for someone with mobility issues to safely navigate.

The new code means that all new homes will be built in such a way that they are suitable for people whose mobility is impaired or can easily be adapted to be so. For example, doorways that are wide enough for wheelchairs, suitable turning zones for wheelchairs and walkers, staircases that could take a chairlift and reinforcement in bathroom walls so that support bars could be added.

NSW is one of the only states that has not adopted the new code. We’re asking the NSW government to implement these standards for the benefit of current and future generations of older people.

How you can help

  • You can email your local MP with this tool – just enter your details and your MP will be found automatically.
  • You can share your story  – we are looking for people who have had difficulty staying in their home because it no longer meets their physical needs, or have had to move into aged care prematurely because their home was no longer suitable. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, and you’re willing to share your story, please email us at