Advocacy partnerships

Advocacy partnerships

Collaboration through partnerships, alliances and coalitions can be a powerful mechanism for creating change. COTA NSW works with two main alliances – the Sydney Alliance and the NSW Ageing Alliance. This enables us to reach further into the community, increase our knowledge about issues affecting older people and enhance our ability to address them.

Sydney Alliance

COTA NSW is proud to be a partner organisation of the Sydney Alliance.

The Alliance is a coalition of diverse community organisations, trade unions and faith-based organisations working together for the common good in Sydney. It is an independent organisation funded by its member organisations, which is not related to any political party and does not receive direct government support.

COTA NSW takes part in two Alliance campaigns:

  • Voices For Power is a migrant-lead campaign for access to affordable and renewable energy solutions for all.
  • The Uluru Statement from the Heart Working Group supports the permanent establishment of respectful recognition of the rights and responsibilities of First Australians in stewarding this land in the past and into the future.

If you’d like to know more about the Sydney Alliance, please let us know on our Advocacy sign-up form.

Advocacy sign-up form

NSW Ageing Alliance

The NSW Ageing Alliance includes over 20 not-for-profit, consumer, industry, union, professional and representative organisations and affiliates that have an interest in issues affecting people as they age. It aims to advocate on issues affecting older people and their carers in NSW and to promote policies to the NSW Government and industry.

For more information on the NSW Ageing Alliance please call 8268 9610.

Members of the NSW Ageing Alliance