Advocacy blog

Advocacy blog

Please note that the views expressed in these blogs are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of COTA NSW or COTA Australia.

Sydney Alliance Training

COTA NSW Advocate Ruth Anstice reports on her experience attending a course in community organising run by the Sydney Alliance.

Palliation and Voluntary Assisted Dying

Retired nurse Jill Ellen discusses the issues around the possible introduction of Voluntary Assisted Dying in NSW and its implications for the health care system.

Addressing Fear Of Death

Jill Ellen says that we need to address death more overtly and inform ourselves about what it might involve. Perhaps the fear of death can be alleviated by examining our belief systems and exploring new ways of approaching the end of this life on earth.

Advocacy 101

Cate Molloy writes about her experience of COTA NSW’s advocacy training.

A little older

An anonymous blogger muses on how older people are viewed, in her retirement village and in aged care.