COTA NSW Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Our Mission:  We advance the rights, interests and futures of Australians as we age.

Our strategic focus is to:

Our strategic objectives

Meaningful engagement:

COTA NSW engages with a wide range of older people around NSW to understand their lived experiences.

Strong, credible leadership and authoritative advocate:

COTA NSW is the credible and informed voice for older people in NSW, and is influential in driving debate and policy change in the community.

Excellence in programs and services:

COTA NSW provides programs and services that are responsive and tailored to the needs and interests of older people.

Capable and sustainable organisation:

COTA NSW will invest in innovation, develop effective partnerships, implement best practice processes and further seek to diversify funding to ensure it is best placed to achieve our strategic goals.

Older people - people in NSW aged 50 years and over, who have a diverse range of experiences, needs and levels of involvement in work, unpaid activities, leisure and community.

Members and supporters - individuals, corporate members, other organisations of older people, volunteers, contributors and program participants

Government - NSW State and Local Government directly, and Federal government indirectly

Partners - project, program, policy and advocacy collaborators

Clients - commercial organisations

As a peak body, COTA NSW undertakes initiatives under the priority areas set out by the NSW Government, Department of Family and Community Services.


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