COTA NSW Strategic Plan

Our mission is to be the leading voice in NSW that advances the interests of people as they age

Our strategic focus

Our strategic focus is to:

  • Be a strong advocate and provide influential and timely advice to government
  • Engage and consult with our constituents, members and supporters
  • Build organisational capacity
  • Build organisational sustainability

Our stakeholders


People in NSW aged 50 years and over, broadly segmented into three groups:

  • Working, employment transition, early retirement
  • Retired, healthy, active, independent
  • Requiring or accessing assistance / support


Individuals, organisations of seniors, corporate members


Volunteers, contributors, social media followers and e-news recipients


NSW state and local governments directly and Federal government indirectly


Projects and Services


Commercial services



Our strategic objectives

Be a strong advocate and provide influential and timely advice to government:

  • Use research and consumer engagement capacity to influence government policy
  • Select issues and policies to be raised with government based on need, wide concern and likelihood of a demonstrable outcome
  • Develop policy based on evidence
  • Respond quickly to 'hot' issues

Engage and consult with our constituents, members and supporters:

  • Maintain wide representation on the Policy Advisory and Consumer Reference Groups
  • Expand supporter and member numbers by implementing recruitment and retention strategies
  • Engage the supporter base through regular, targeted communications, social media strategies and events
  • Implement contact information systems

Build organisational capacity:

  • Expand policy capacity
  • Develop and expand consumer research capabilities
  • Maintain peer education capabilities
  • Maintain communications capabilities

Build organisational sustainability:

  • Renew triennial funding
  • Identify and secure additional sources of income

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Peak body

As a peak body, COTA NSW undertakes initiatives under each of the six peak activity areas set out by the NSW Government, Department of Family and Community Services:

  • Developing policy and advocacy
  • Providing advice and information
  • Consulting broadly
  • Building sector capacity
  • Promoting partnerships and collaborations
  • Demonstrating leadership and innovation

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