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1. Home Renovations for Retirees
Posted 21-Jun-2017

Event Date 15-Aug-2017 to

COTA NSW and Centre for Universal Design Australia are running a special half day session for homeowners in conjunction with the Home Modifications Australia national conference.

2. NSW 2017-18 Budget at a Glance
Posted 21-Jun-2017

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The 2017-18 NSW Budget was announce on 20 June. Here are some of the key announcements.

3. Changes to the Age Pension Qualification Age
Posted 19-Jun-2017

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From 1 July 2017, the qualifying age for the Age Pension will progressively increase by six months every two years, reaching 67 years by 1 July 2023 for those born on or after 1 January 1957.

4. Grandparents Day Event Grants Now Open
Posted 16-Jun-2017

Event Date to

The 2017 NSW Grandparents Day will be on Sunday 29th October. Applications for event grants from the Department of Family and Community Services are open until Friday 14 July at 5.00pm.

5. Stay Informed: June 2017 E-Newsletter
Posted 16-Jun-2017

Event Date to

A mid-year update from COTA NSW.

6. Consumer Reference Group in Lismore
Posted 05-Jun-2017

Event Date 20-Jun-2017 to

We will be in Lismore on the 20th June talking about Wills, Enduring Guardianships, and other tools for planning ahead

7. Thinking of Downsizing?
Posted 05-Jun-2017

Event Date to

Whether you want to stay put and renovate, or move elsewhere, here are some design features that are worth thinking about.

8. 2017 Budget reinstates Pensioner Concession Card
Posted 05-Jun-2017

Event Date to

The Pensioner Concession Card will be returned to those who lost their part-pension in January this year as a result of changes to the pension asset test.

9. DIYmodify App now available
Posted 26-May-2017

Event Date to

DIYmodify is designed with, and for, older people to help with the process of doing your own home modifications, to get them done at the quality, and with the features you decide.

10. Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017
Posted 25-May-2017

Event Date to

On 16 May 2017, a consultation draft was released for the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017.

11. COTA NSW 2017 Submissions on Housing
Posted 12-May-2017

Event Date to

Housing affordability is an issue that impacts older people in NSW

12. COTA NSW coming to Batemans Bay and Lismore
Posted 11-May-2017

Event Date 02-Jun-2017 to

COTA NSW wants to talk to you about your housing future.

13. Elder Abuse. Speaking of the unspoken
Posted 14-Mar-2017

Event Date to

Free Elder Abuse Community Information Sessions.

14. Free Information Session - Your Wellbeing, Your Plan
Posted 07-Mar-2017

Event Date 07-Mar-2017 to 04-Mar-2099

Small positive changes in our day-to-day lives can have big impacts on our overall long term well-being. Let’s talk about what’s important to you, and your wellbeing, at COTA NSW’s free information session: Your Wellbeing, Your Plan.

15. What will COTA NSW be fighting for this year?
Posted 23-Jan-2017

Event Date to

Discover the main agendas that COTA NSW will be looking to see addressed in the upcoming financial year.

16. Volunteering opportunities available to act as a Peer Educator
Posted 20-Dec-2016

Event Date to

Council on the Ageing NSW (COTA NSW) is currently starting up our recruitment again to train new volunteers in a new topic, Your Wellbeing Your Plan, in February 2017.

17. COTA NSW Forum: Busting the myth of an 'intergenerational war'
Posted 22-Nov-2016

Event Date to

This fourm bought experts together to discuss and dispel the myth about an intergenerational war.

18. Welcome reform for older survivors of child sexual abuse
Posted 17-Feb-2016

Event Date to

COTA NSW welcomes the State Government’s decision to abolish the time limit for civil claims by survivors of child sexual abuse against their abusers. Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton yesterday introduced legislation to the NSW Parliament which will allow survivors of child abuse to claim for damages regardless of when it occurred.

19. Tragic case shows need for Home Options Information Service
Posted 23-Feb-2015

Event Date to

COTA NSW believes that this tragic case illustrates the urgent need for a Home Options Information Centre in NSW.

20. Improving detection of financial abuse
Posted 19-Feb-2015

Event Date to

Capacity Australia, in conjunction with online adaptive learning company, Smart Sparrow, have developed an online learning tool to help bank staff identify when vulnerable people are experiencing financial abuse.

21. Debates around getting older and the process of death
Posted 17-Feb-2015

Event Date to

Sarah Kliff suggests that the debates surrounding death, including talking about the process of how we choose to die, confuse the conversation.

22. Download 2015/2016 Pre Budget Submission
Posted 17-Feb-2015

Event Date to

As COTA NSW’s principal policy document, the PBS contains our key recommendations to the NSW State Government in terms of the Budget it hands down in the 2015-2016 financial year.

23. COTA NSW urges government to provide better information services
Posted 29-Jan-2015

Event Date to

The National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI) has recently been advised that it will no longer be receiving funding from the Federal Government.

24. Means-test changes for Seniors Health Care Card
Posted 08-Jan-2015

Event Date to

From the 1st of January 2015 tax-free superannuation income will be included in assessing eligibility for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care card (CSHC).

Card-holders are entitled to concessions on education, travel, healthcare and medicines.

25. Keeping safe in the water over summer
Posted 02-Dec-2014

Event Date to

A recent study by the Royal Life Saving Society Australia (RLSSA) has revealed that older people make up one-third of drowning related deaths. During the period between 2002 and 2012 there were more than 1000 drownings involving people aged 50+, 36% of the total number of drownings.

26. 50+ Report launch: presentation notes available
Posted 20-Nov-2014

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COTA NSW launched its lastest 50+ Report at a Parliamentary Forum on Tuesday 18th November.

27. Grandparent care: how much is too much?
Posted 20-Nov-2014

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Long-time COTA NSW collaborator Dr Bridget Jenkins appeared at The Relevance of Grandparenting in Modern Families forum, which was co-hosted by COTA NSW and the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) on 20 November 2014.The forum examined the role grandparenting plays in the lives of older people, and the roles grandparents play in families.

28. Participants sought for research
Posted 17-Nov-2014

Event Date to

Participants are sought for a research project titled “The impact of housing tenure on the lives of people who are dependent primarily on the age pension for their income”.

29. Grandparent carers need more support: Parliamentary Committee
Posted 31-Oct-2014

Event Date to

A Senate Inquiry into grandparents who take on primary care of their grandchildren has revealed that current assistance levels for grandparent carers is inadequate.

30. Australia lagging in provision of income security for older people
Posted 03-Oct-2014

Event Date to

The 1st of October was International Day of Older Persons, and to coincide with celebrations HelpAge International released their Global AgeWatch index. The index aims to “measure and improve the quality of life and wellbeing of older people”. In doing so it highlights any areas of concern for each country, along with those in which they are successfully meeting the needs of older people.

31. $1000 in prizes awarded for participation in men's research
Posted 18-Sep-2014

Event Date to

COTA NSW awards $1000 in prizes for participation in research and education of older men

32. Changes to superannuation will affect low income earners most
Posted 04-Sep-2014

Event Date to

“Low-income earners will be worse off following changes to changes to superannuation that have been agreed this week in Federal Parliament,” says Ian Day, CEO of COTA NSW.

33. Letter to financial institutions' CEOs re change to PIN-only cards
Posted 14-Aug-2014

Event Date to

In response to recent changes by banks and other financial institutions, creating barriers for customers who wish to provide a signature for their purchases instead of a PIN, NNAAMI (National Network of Adult and Adolescent Children who have a Mentally ill parent/s. Inc.) has sent a letter to CEOs of financial institutions asking them to rectify and redress the situation.

34. Concerns over Opal travel card availability
Posted 30-Jul-2014

Event Date to

Pensioners have voiced concerns over the Baird government’s decision to make Opal card purchases and top-ups unavailable from a large number of Sydney train stations. Although top-ups to Opal cards can be arranged online or by phone, this is not a convenient option for all consumers.

35. Business focus on youth market a mistake
Posted 28-Jul-2014

Event Date to

Businesses are losing out because of their skewed marketing focus, and older Australians lose out on products and services that they are interested in.

36. Hoarders take heart with HOPE Project
Posted 28-Jul-2014

Event Date to

The HOPE Project was established to help people aged over 70 years with hoarding disorder, or who are living in severe domestic squalor in northern Sydney and the beaches.

37. Commissioner Ryan seeking revolutionary change
Posted 25-Jul-2014

Event Date to

Age Discrimination Commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Hon Susan Ryan AO, spoke in Melbourne recently about her vision for Australian society, which involves a “revolutionary change in attitudes towards ageing and older people”.

38. Nothing new for seniors in NSW Budget
Posted 17-Jun-2014

Event Date to

“We are pleased the State Government has plugged the hole the Federal Government created when they ceased to fund concessions for seniors. But there’s little else for older people in NSW to celebrate.”

39. Dying to Know Day 2014
Posted 11-Jul-2014

Event Date to

Dying to Know Day is an annual day of action dedicated to bringing to life conversations and community actions around death, dying and bereavement.

40. Alert: Commercial company representatives claiming to be from COTA
Posted 04-Jul-2014

Event Date to

There have been a number of reports from people within the community who have been contacted by people claiming to represent either COTA or Aged Care Services.

41. Watch: Parliamentary Forum footage
Posted 01-Jul-2014

Event Date to

Paying the Price sought to prompt debate about the measures that should be adopted to ensure Australian women enjoy a more secure older age. Watch footage of the individual guest speakers.

42. Concessions to basic living expenses safe
Posted 10-Jun-2014

Event Date to

COTA NSW is pleased to see that the NSW Government has moved to protect a raft of concessions available to pensioners and seniors.

43. Changes to NSW Aged Care Alliance
Posted 05-Jun-2014

Event Date to

At the NSW Aged Care Alliance meeting on 1st May 2014, members voted unanimously to hand secretariat duties for the Alliance from Council of Social Service of New South Wales (NCOSS) to COTA NSW due to a restructure in NCOSS priorities. At the same time, the Alliance has undergone a name change and will now be known as the NSW Ageing Alliance.

44. Changes to Sydney pensioner bus tickets
Posted 02-Jun-2014

Event Date to

Pensioner Excursion Tickets will not be sold on-board Sydney buses from 1 June 2014. Instead, passengers must pre-purchase their Pensioner Excursion Tickets (PETs) before boarding any Sydney State-Transit bus.

45. NBN and risks for medical alarm users
Posted 29-May-2014

Event Date to

The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) could potentially interfere with the functionality of medical alarm devices for care recipients.

46. Australia Post basic postage price rise - are you eligible for a concession?
Posted 03-Apr-2014

Event Date to

The cost of basic postage rose from 60 to 70 cents on 1st April 2014. There are concessions available to the following concession card holders...

47. Control how future decisions are made for you
Posted 21-Mar-2014

Event Date to

COTA NSW is pleased to promote the launch of a new website – Start2Talk – which helps people plan ahead for their future healthcare, lifestyle and financial decisions.

48. Do you want to make your community age friendly?
Posted 04-Feb-2014

Event Date to

An age-friendly community is an inclusive and accessible environment that promotes active ageing. The WHO Age Friendly Cities and Communities program is an international effort to help cities prepare for population ageing and the increasing number and size of urban areas.

49. Forum: Let's talk about dying
Posted 22-Jul-2013

Event Date to

The forum covered a broad range of issues, including hospital care, palliative care, carer support, advance care directives. The forum concluded with a discussion of the pros and cons of ‘assisted dying'.

50. Do you want to understand more about strata?
Posted 15-Jul-2013

Event Date to

On the Strata Skills 101 website you can register for workshops to improve your understanding about strata.The interactive workshops are presented by experts and run for 2 to 3 hours each. Each session is limited to 50 people so make sure you register early.

51. Planning for a 'good death'
Posted 15-May-2013

Event Date to

COTA NSW Board Member Professor Colleen Cartwright appeared on ‘Living in the dark on plans for dying’ which aired on The Law Report, ABC Radio National, on 14 May 2013.

52. Need to make modifications to your home?
Posted 16-Apr-2013

Event Date to

To better assist people making decisions about how to modify their home the Home Modification (HM) Information Clearinghouse have updated their website.

53. Stay smart online - alert service
Posted 30-Jan-2013

Event Date to

The Stay Smart Online Alert Service is a free subscription based service provided by the Australian Government’s Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

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